• Status: Writing Story, Recording Sounds
  • Format: Mixed formats: audio and visual over several “chapters”
  • Narration
  • Short Format

“She’s that girl that leaves that kiss on your lips moments before you wake. That kiss that imprints on your dreams and you’re never forgetting. She haunts you for years and somehow you forever forgive her. She is a love you can never have and you can always live with that. She does not break your heart, she makes it beat faster.”

A story in Three Chapters…

1. “The Rain Swept Street”

Arizona Grace – “The Rain Swept Street” will be an audio journey.

While Kage Free Films is attempting to breach the water with film we’ve (and we as in Me, Kevin) discovered this story that tugs at the heart.

The production process will be utilizing both audio narrative and high definition sound effects to draw you directly into the scene. From pre-recorded sounds as well as infield recordings this will be Kage Free Films First major production.

We’ll update this production page periodically as much as possibly. At the moment we’re currently completing the writing process and collecting sound files.